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Educator & Business Coach

Founder of Get It Dunn: Digital Business Agency, LLC

Creator of Teach & Hustle™

Meet Your Business Coach

Creator of Teach & Hustle™.

Experience K-12 Business, Marketing & Information Technology Educator

Freelanced as an online adjunct professor and certified career coach.

Taught entrepreneurship workshop in the community. 

Opened a learning studio to train career development professionals.

Organized kidpreneur pop-shops and  created children's entrepreneurship program. 

Designed & marketed digital and hardcopy journals & planners.

And many more professional development experiences &


How It Started

  • Always had a side-hustle since starting my teaching career.

  • Side-hustles: retail, call centers, waitressing etc.

  • 2011, created side-hustle experiences centered around my skills, expertise & passion.

  • 2012, created first digital product line with my first purchase order being over $1000.

  • 2016 Opened a brick and mortar learning studio to freelance and host classes and workshops.  


How It's Going

  • Followed market demand; Closed the doors to brick and mortar learning studio to figure-out this digital commerce, "online income stuff".

  • Did market research on my  business interest.

  • Invested in a coach and professional development.

  • Honed expertise as a business, marketing & information technology educator.

  • Tapped into my experiences and discovered my niche'. 

  • Launched online platforms and got in the digital business game.

  • Created my own lane and love it here!   

Monetize Your Skills, Expertise & Passion

Imagine, doing what I did, doing what comes natural, doing what brings you joy

& earning an income while you do it.


Well, you don't have to imagine anymore, I can help you Get It Dunn

Teach & Hustle

I've lived the plight of a broke educator and know what it's like to financially struggle. I reflected on my financial restrictions and success in my entrepreneurship ventures and I wanted to create simple processes and a support community to help educators generate additional streams of income to support their desired lifestyle.


I created Teach & Hustle™, the premier online platform and community for educators looking to launch & grow an online business or start a profitable side-hustle. 

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Not New to This But True to This

It's unfortunate that the term "teacher" is synonymous with "side-hustle" but for you, that’s a good thing!  My many side-hustle experiences and business & marketing education background have developed me into the ideal business coach for edupreneurs and I love it here!

Guiding educators to unlock their embedded skills, experiences & passions and  coaching them to put in the work to reap the rewards in business ownership.

Showing edupreneurs new perspectives from an entrepreneurial mindset

Teaching about business, marketing & entrepreneurship.

More importantly, I practice what I teach & living what I do!

I'm on a mission to help educators create an additional income stream(s)

to create the financial freedom to live the lifestyle they desire.  

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What's Holding You Back?

Stop the excuses, let's do this!

Pssst, you got skills, so why not monetize them? Turn your skill, experiences & passion into an income stream!